‘You'd think the dreamers would find the dreamers & the realists would find the realists, but more often than not, the opposite is true.’ 

Meet Chandana 'The Dreamer' & Shashank ' The Realist', the duo that kept us on our toes with their antics, humour and amazing chemistry!! These two had been together for a decade before they decided to tie the knot & we are so glad they chose us to document it for them. Goofy and gorgeous, the glowing couple joked and shoulder shimmy-ed their way through their Hindu Telugu Wedding at the beautiful Panchavati - The Pavillion, Bangalore.

Starting with their adorable haldi, where after they had the turmeric paste applied on their bodies, they each got their own golden pot to sit in for the Mangala Snanam (which translates to “holy bath” or a ceremonial bath to cleanse the body and mind of the couple before the sacred ritual of their wedding). Their friends and family first showered them with delicate rose petals, followed by multiple buckets of cold water.

The couple looked fantastic as they walked in to their Sangeet that evening - Shashank dressed in a sleek kurta-sherwani and Chandana resplendent in a gorgeous red and gold sari. True to their form, Chandana and Shashank were seen goofing off the entire time, as they closed off the event with a free-for-all dance party.

And finally, the following morning was the day of their bright, stunning, wedding. They were each ushered into the mantap in tow with their respective families walking beside them every step of the way.

Following a beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony in their colour ordinated red and gold outfits, there were the wedding games. The Talambralu, arguably the most fun bit of the wedding, is when the pandit chants mantras and the couple shower each other with talambralu, which in Chandana and Shashank’s case began with blowing multicoloured thermocol balls in each others faces, followed by competitively throwing large amounts of rose and marigold petals at each other, and even at their nearby guests, who ended the ceremony with showering the seated couple with petals themselves.