When Garima & Shishir approached us, their desire was simple – they showed us a sample of the one image they wanted (for the curious, it was this poster of the move A Lot Like Love – also one of my favourite all time rom-com) and the rest they left up to us. 

We decided to spend the day at this cosy cottage away from the city, with a beautiful view of Nandi Hills as a backdrop a few months before their wedding for their pre-wedding shoot. Garima and Shishir were easily two of the most easygoing and chill people to work with – we all fell into this comfortable vibe right from the get go, it was almost effortless. Shishir deserves a special mention here for going from “I’m not sure what to do when the camera is pointed at me!” to eventually even guiding and helping Garima with her angles and the light all through the shoot & even later at their wedding! An absolute legend. The camera loved Garima anyway, i mean just look at her! Together, they were a photographers dream!

Being high school sweethearts, these two have been with each other a long long time; and for us it is always extra special when we witness great chemistry & comfort between the couple and are able to capture the essence of their relationship.